Part six: Measuring for success

6 Part Series of Strategy to Build Your Brand

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of 6 Part Series of Strategy to Build Your Brand. The skills you’ve developed throughout this process will be invaluable in setting your business up for success. But there’s still one more to go.

At this point, you have a clear direction and brand identity, you’ve mastered the art of telling your story and have chosen your content types and online channels. You may be thinking that your journey is complete, but a very important and all-too-often step of any successful strategy is the analysis and evaluation.

Afterall, how can you determine the effectiveness of a strategy if you don’t measure your results? It’s time to decide how you will go about tracking your progress. As any mentor or experienced business person will tell you, analysing data is as integral as defining goals. The data you collect provides a serious competitive advantage. You’ll have data to determine which online channels and content types are effective in reaching and converting customers.

The way you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy or campaign will depend on which online channel you use. For example - Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other platforms have engagement metrics that make it very easy to track success. Similarly, email marketing platforms can help you see how many people open your emails and how many people click through to your website from there. If you’re unsure how to analyse or interpret the data, a mentor can help you get on the right track.

It’s also helpful to collect customer feedback in a more direct way. Humans love the opportunity to be heard, and asking for feedback will show your customers that you care about their experience. Consider how you will go about collecting customer feedback. Will it be through a follow-up email, phone call, online survey?

By tracking results and allowing consistent feedback, your business is on the fast track to identifying where improvements can be made with your products/services, trends in sales, and potential gaps in the market.

Revisit your objectives in part two and use the metrics identified to determine the best way to monitor and track your progress.

Online Channel #1 Analytics

Example: Facebook Insights
[My business] will use Facebook’s Insights as a method of tracking and measuring each content post. Facebook Insights has the capability to identify ‘reach’, ‘engagement’ as well as ‘post clicks’. Facebook Insights will assist in improving and updating [my company’s] customer personas.

Online Channel #2 Analytics

Example: Instagram Story Insights

[My business] will use Instagram’s story insights to assess what content my audience engages with most. Instagram stories provide the opportunity to measure how many people have viewed, shared and exited my stories. Valuably, it also allows me to see how many people click a link that I share - so I will be able to directly see what content captures the attention of my customers.

Online Channel #3 Analytics

Example: Website analytics
[My business] will use Google analytics to gain a clear understanding of customer behaviour on my website. Google analytics allows me to see how many unique visitors are viewing my page, where they are located, how long they are spending on the page, and how they are finding the page along with plenty of other data. I will use Google analytics to optimise my customer’s experience on my website, and ensure I’m targeting the right people in the right places.

You now have the tools to build a successful strategy for your brand. Business ownership is a journey, so don’t be afraid to construct and renovate your brand as you learn, grow and expand. We wish you all the best on your exciting endeavour!
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