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Linda Golikidis joined the Digital Solutions program with her small business Echo Blue Photography, and has since attended workshops focusing on website development, SEO, and social media.

“I’m an absolute fan of the Digital Solutions program. I recommend it to all the small business owners I work with.”

Linda has been online since the beginning of her business. Her website is the heart of her online presence, containing her folio and samples of her photographic style. However, through the program, she has learned how to expand her social media presence from Facebook and Instagram to include Pinterest and LinkedIn.

“One of the key things I’ve learned from the program is that platforms, markets, and demographics change all the time,” Linda says. “You need to keep up with those changes, and the Digital Solutions program is geared to the here and now.”

Linda is an advocate of the program. “I’m an absolute fan of the Digital Solutions program. I recommend it to all the business owners I work with,” she says. “I offer to send through links to workshops and webinars that might be appropriate for them. It’s an incredible resource; it’s incredibly affordable.”

Before COVID-19 hit, business was going very well. 2020 was shaping up to be a big year.

“Unfortunately, when COVID-19 hit, everything just stopped. I didn’t have any work from mid-March to May. It’s been hard, but I think the key is to be flexible and work with your customers. It’s not forever.”

Linda has coped by moving or postponing bookings and reassuring customers that she will still be there for them on those dates.

“I looked at how I could still do business for those who still wanted to,” Linda says. “For instance, product photography. If someone delivered products to my home—which is where my studio is located—either through contactless delivery or using a courier, I would then photograph them, return them in the same manner, and deliver the photos using a cloud photo service.”

Linda has also utilised this quiet period to refresh her knowledge—she’s taken advantage of the fact that the Digital Solutions program is delivering online workshops, webinars, and virtual mentoring.

“The presenters have done an amazing job of adapting, taking it from person-to-person contact to webinars. It’s changed, but the knowledge and information is still very high quality.”

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