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Callie Watt joined the Digital Solutions program in August 2020 with Wattletree Health Group, a provider in private in-home nursing care. The small business is nurse-owned and driven. With the help of a program mentor, Callie has boosted the online presence of her business to better extend her patient reach.

“Mentorship with the program has been without a doubt THE BEST means of support for my business during this stressful time.”

Wattletree Health Group formed three years ago to provide exceptional care in Melbourne’s North East homecare space. Callie loves running her own business to deliver a standard of care that can be challenging within the constraints of large facility-based care.

“To walk into someone’s home and care for them in a place that makes them feel innately secure, in control, and calm is an utter privilege.”

At the start of 2020, Callie had the vision to turn her sole trader business into a company; however, growing a team during COVID-19 proved difficult. While the process of onboarding staff ultimately went smoothly, the difficulty was in scaling up while simultaneously submitting contracts to stakeholders.

“Our team started off as one,” Callie says. “Then three, and now nine—amid a pandemic! Thanks to Digital Solutions and Business Resilience programs that have enabled us to scale in such a dynamic healthcare climate.”

Prior to engaging in program mentoring, Wattletree Health Group didn’t have a digital strategy and the website lacked the essence of the business. “It’s not a unique service,” Callie says, “but how we deliver it is.”

Since undertaking mentoring with program mentor Kaye Priest, Callie’s improved online presence has fast-tracked her business relationships and networking. Her use of LinkedIn has opened doors for target market connections, which have been converted into service provider contracts. “Such a huge win!” Callie says. “Aside from LinkedIn, Facebook has been a learning curve. I’m now about to embark on other platforms and strategies.”
Callie was prompted to join the program by her need for a mentor. She wanted guidance from an expert on how to best ramp up her business and ensure she was on track. “The free sessions initially were so appreciated, especially when cashflow was not really flowing at that stage.”

“Mentoring with the Digital Solutions program has been without a doubt THE BEST means of support for my business during this stressful time,” Callie says. “The mentoring has helped me grow as a person working ON the business, not only IN it, while the Business Resilience program really kept my mind focused on what can be achieved—what is possible.”

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