Digital Solutions Business Feature: Rangeen Henna

Digital Solutions
Asmaa Mannasaheb joined the Digital Solutions program in early 2020 with her henna tattoo business, Rangeen Henna.

“The Digital Solutions program prepared me to go into the pandemic doing my best.”

Asmaa is a recent Bachelor of IT graduate and runs two businesses. The first is Rangeen Henna, a henna tattoo business delivered throughout Dandenong using her own handmade products, and the second is a YouTube channel “Bliifee” in which she helps young Muslims balance their lifestyle and beliefs.

“I love running my own business because I can control what I do,” Asmaa says, and has proven the truth in that statement since COVID-19 hit. Her henna business is physical, requiring her to draw on a client’s hands in-person—but she pivoted with the restrictions to offer digital henna. “I ordered a drawing tablet online, and learned how to draw with that, and have them send me photos of their hands and then I decorate those images.”
Asmaa has tackled restrictions with a practical, forward-thinking approach. In addition to expanding her service offering, she is focussing on building her customer base on Instagram and TikTok in preparation for when face-to-face business resumes.

The Digital Solutions program has assisted with this goal. “Before the pandemic, I had a meeting with Stacey Murray, and we discussed my Instagram accounts for both my henna business and YouTube channel. I learned a lot about hashtags and how I can put myself out there in other people’s posts so that their audience can discover me.”

“Digital Solutions program prepared me to go into the pandemic doing my best. I have also attended an online workshop on Facebook Ads and how to be more efficient and effective on Facebook. I learned a lot in that workshop.”COVID-19 has greatly impacted Rangeen Henna. Before the pandemic hit, Asmaa was booked into market stalls that she felt were going to be the breakthrough for her business—and then everything was locked down, all business stopped, and she’s had no income from that service since March.

But with her online presence, she remains optimistic and offers the same advice to other business owners suffering from the pandemic.

“Control what you can. Use the digital platform and social media to show your customers who you are and develop trust with them. When things get better and you’re able to provide your service and products again, your customer base will be solid and looking forward to working with you.”

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