Digital Solutions Business Feature: Fiona Ariva Wax Seals and Modern Calligraphy

Fiona Ariva believes in finding creativity in everyday moments.

For the past few years, she has been channelling her love of making into elevating gifts, cards and packaging through her business - Fiona Ariva Wax Seals and Modern Calligraphy.

Specialising in designing and creating wax seal stamps, kits, stationery, and calligraphy personalisation services, Fiona Ariva Wax Seals and Modern Calligraphy is based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Fiona believes in the power of indulging creativity and spreading joy, whether it’s ‘adding a wax seal to wrapped packages, personalising a keepsake in beautiful calligraphy, or turning everyday gifting experiences into treasured moments.’

She said: “Running your own business gives you the opportunity to bring an idea to life, and share that with others who want and need your product or services. Growing a business also brings a sense of achievement and fulfilment, which gives us a sense of purpose in life.”

“We grew our retail and stockist channels as well as service offerings. We felt it would be a good idea to diversify into both physical and online sales channels.”

“In the beginning, our main digital strategy was to market to our Instagram followers, which was originally just a creative outline for our crafting hobby. We didn’t have a formal strategy per se, but dabbled with different platforms such as email marketing, Facebook Ads, SEO and YouTube to see what worked - based on trial and error.” 

Now, Fiona’s main platforms include Shopify, Etsy, Instagram and Facebook. She also has a formal digital strategy in place, thanks to the Digital Solutions - Australian Small Business Advisory Services program.
“We found the Digital Solutions program from our local council’s business resources page, which outlined various government support and initiatives introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic. We saw that mentoring sessions were on offer, and it was something that we’d always wanted to look into, but didn’t quite know where to start.”

“The Digital Solutions program provided access to a range of mentors with expertise in an impressive range of fields, who were pre-vetted and had experience working with small and micro-business, and the sessions were either free or heavily subsidised.”

Through the program, Fiona learned how to configure the set-up of Facebook ad campaigns, performance metrics, how to optimise websites for conversions and SEO, and received tips on using useful tools like broken link checkers and page-speed insights. 

“Access to the mentors’ well of knowledge and tailored advice across their fields of expertise in SEO, Facebook ads and PR has been pivotal to the continued growth and development of our business. Each mentor was able to spend time with us one-on-one, reviewing our current business practices, marketing strategies and online presence.”

“Without the program, it would have been very difficult for our small business to either afford mentoring or find experts who have worked with, and understand the unique challenges that small businesses face.”

Since completing the program, Fiona’s business has implemented new SEO practices gained from the Google Merchant Centre, and a new Facebook ad framework.

“Since the mentors took the time to take us through these online platforms step-by-step, we felt more comfortable implementing these strategies than we would have without receiving guidance beforehand.”

With the help of the Digital Solutions program, Fiona will be able to help even more people find creativity in everyday moments.

Fiona Ariva Wax Seals and Modern Calligraphy is located in Melbourne, Victoria. If you’d like to learn more about the Digital Solutions program - see here.
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